Valentine's Day Wine Dinner – Pittsburgh 2011

It’s back!

The Grape Thoughts Valentine’s Day dinner – for singles, couples, and groups of friends to celebrate wine and the holiday, yet break away from some of the cheesy traditions and create ones that are more memorable!

This year’s event:
I He(ART) Valentine’s Day
$50, 7pm – 10pm*
Schmutzco Lodge

5405 Broad Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

This Valentine’s Day dinner will include 4 courses paired with fabulous wines,  and some very interesting new traditions wrapped around this He(ART) Theme…

  • A non-stuffy venue with a great atmosphere – filled with art to gaze upon – always something to look at if you run out of things to say
  • Chef Adam & Wine Maven Judy carefully plotting dinner and wine pairings. **
  • Some good beats and fresh tunes
  • In bucking tradition – START WEARING PURPLE. Unless you want to make a traditionalist statement WEAR RED
  • A CMU MFA grad walking us through an intriguing talk on emotional love and an opportunity to participate in a LOVE project
  • A heart shaped fire ring for burning some wishes for the future and letting go of the past

*For those of you concerned with it being a school night, dinner and the wines are served early.
Our hosts just want to give us time to hang out if we want.

**Those with food allergies, vegans/vegetarians – please contact us or make a note when you purchase your ticket so we can accommodate.

Click here or follow the link in the upper Right to get your tickets.

This event is limited and WILL sell out.

Hosts Dave English and Gian Carlos Silva-De Jesús have prepared a unique space for us to wine, dine, mingle, and also to get creative!

Dave English is a founding member and the creative director of The Schmutz Company. He also works as the Studio Program Coordinator at The Andy Warhol Museum. His work includes puppetry, sculpture, performance, arts education and arts organization. Dave is from Pittsburgh, PA, and studied at West Virginia University.”

Gian Carlos Silva-De Jesús is from Santurce, Puerto Rico. He has received a BFA in Puerto Rico and a MFA degree from Carnegie Mellon.  He has participated art performances and has art displayed in Puerto Rico, New York, the Dominican Republic, London and Pittsburgh.  His works confront the everyday situations that involve communication and deep feeling confrontation. Walkmic is part of his last project in which he built a sculpture of a microphone in which people went inside and recorded themselves, talking or singing about different emotions like love, sadness, or thoughts within the Pittsburgh community while listening to a Reggaeton beat.

4 thoughts on “Valentine's Day Wine Dinner – Pittsburgh 2011

  1. Others have asked and yes, there can be vegetarian alternatives – please indicate when you sign up. Really looking forward to this one!

    1. Hi Kim!

      Hmm…only as mushy as you want it to be. 🙂

      The focus is the wine, with opportunity to partake in burning stuff in the heart shaped fire pit.

      I expect some singles releasing angst by burning effigies…if they so choose. 🙂

      At the end of the day, an excuse for a themed wine tasting.

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