Let's Think Outside the Box, by Drinking from the Box.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 12th – 7:00pm

Think of “Boxed Wines” and it may be hard to shake the image of a big cube of cheap White Zin.

Disclaimer: I have the “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink White Zin” t-shirt – but it can be a good
gateway wine for those with a sweet tooth that you want to join you in your wine explorations.

How nice would it be to have a better quality wine that is out of the box?
A good Chardonnay that keeps chilled in the fridge, or a Cab at the ready on your counter?

Boxes don’t let air in, allowing you to experience the wine over weeks, rather than 1-2 days.
They are good for big get togethers, and wont break dangerously if someone gets a little too tipsy.

Well, they are here. We will explore a few different wines not bought in the bottle.

This event is $10 and is being held at Doug Staas’s house off of Negley near the zoo.
Hope you can make it!

Get Directions and Register here http://wine.meetup.com/306/calendar/12171626/


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