Serve yourself wine dispensers in Pennsylvania

Recently introduced in the State of Pennsylvania – the plan is to have a hundred of these across the state over the next year.

Check out the breathalyzer!

So what do you think of this?


2 thoughts on “Serve yourself wine dispensers in Pennsylvania

  1. Great invention! Technology really plays a big role in one’s life. In doing the household chores at home, making projects for school and working at the office, everything is so modern. Imagine how much they make our lives more convenient. And now, even in buying wines and liquors, there’s a much easier and advanced way of purchasing. I wonder what will happen after 10 more years.

  2. Cool! How much will it take to have one self-service hi tech wine dispenser? I bet this machine is so expensive. If the whole world can afford to buy this, guess how exciting it will be to try this new space-age innovation. Everything will be automated. Everything will become an easy access. Everything is hi tech. Excellent!

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