Dont drink and drive – ride the bus! Bus Tour of Local Wineries to Pittsburgh

This bus tour will be visiting some local wineries.

We begin our journey at the Windgate Wineries store at the Mills Mall.
Its a cute shop with wine tastings and wine paraphernalia.

We then board the bus, and head to La Casa Narcissi for a tour of the winery from the owner, hearing his personal story of being in the wine business, along with a sit down tasting.

Then we head North to Rustic Acres.
I like my fancy shmancy wines, but dear God!
They have a Rhubarb wine which is DIVINE.

Don at Oak Spring Winery will be welcoming us with appetizers and tasting of his 27 varieties of wine.

Winfield Wineries will then welcome us with seating at their outdoor patio.

We then will head back to the Mills Mall, and those who wish can decide on dinner.

The cost for this trip is $40. This covers the cost of the bus, tours, and tasting.

RSVPs are final only with payment.

Hope you can make it!

4 thoughts on “Dont drink and drive – ride the bus! Bus Tour of Local Wineries to Pittsburgh

  1. The bus tour was a great idea. We had fun and enjoyed the whole day. No driving needed on our part so we were free to sample more than would have otherwise. Highly recommended way to do a tour. Chatter on the bus when we got onboard at the mall was minimal but as we visited each winery it grew more intense. But intense in a good way. Everyone seemed to have fun socializing on the bus and with ‘portable drink’ conversation even got quite silly at times. :-)) Joe did a wonderful job coordinating everything in Judy’s absence. He even got out and directed the bus driver when a ‘turn around’ was needed. Thanks Joe!! We felt welcomed at all but one of the wineries and experienced some great wines. When is the next bus trip???? (Maybe one for the wineries southwest of Pgh: Stone Villa, Greendance, Glades Pike, etc) Whatever it might be, we’re on it!

  2. The wine tour on Saturday was great! It was a fun day. I would definitely do it again. There were too many wineries on this tour, by the time we got to the last one we were a little “wined” out. Judy great job organizing this! Joe did a good job as the leader of the day.

  3. It is good to hear that there are educational tours in different wineries. I would love to join this ride-the-bus event. I want to learn more about wines, its content, prices, everything. It’s will be a full of fun journey!

  4. Satisfaction for their senses guaranteed! People can learn a lot from the whole experience. Also, they will surely enjoy the trip from roaming around the vicinity smelling the aroma of wine to tasting them afterwards.

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