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Buying Wine Guide – Trust Your Instincts

A friend forwarded me a link to an NPR Marketplace article on buying wine, and how points ratings do not really matter. Some scientific evidence on things I have been trying to promote for years. That it doesnt matter what the experts say – its what YOU like.

NPR’s Marketplace talking about Wine Ratings, and studies to show they dont mean anything

A couple of points from the story:

– In blind tastings, expensive wines scored lower than expensive

– Only 1 in 10 expert wine tasters rated the same wine with the same points score

One reporters guide to buying wine…Choose the one with the most expensive label, but under $15.
Eh, maybe not the best advice, I have had some fancy labels where the wine sucked.

BUT…again…what really matters is what you think!


Please leave an account of what wines you like, inexpensive or not!

Happy Beaujolais Nouveau Day – 2010 !

A couple of years ago,  our local wine club in Pittsburgh started celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau Day.

Beaujolais is a region in France which has found marketing gold in offering Beaujolais Nouveau – a wine in which Gamay grapes are picked, pressed, fermented, bottled, in a matter of weeks.

These bottles are rushed around the world to go on sale the third Thursday in November.

This light bodied red finds it’s way to us in the States just in time for Thanksgiving.

This Gamay is made to drink young, with the distinct aromas of….Bananas?!?!!

That sure is a fun aroma to search for when you try this one.

So, set Pandora to a French station, and open a bottle of the 2010.

Even though some say Beaujolais is only good for a year, others have attested to finding Beaujolais that has aged well up to three years or so. What’s nice, if this is true, most shops put their Beaujolais Nouveau on sale to make way for the new releases.

I have been so busy lately, no time for a full French menu in a happening location.

So, this year I am having members of the wine club over. Not enough room for everyone as we are remodeling.

SO, please pop open a bottle and leave a comment here about your experience.

One lucky commenter will win a gift certificate to use for wine gifts for the holidays.

Enjoy! Or should I say…