Ah…Grüner Veltliner how I have missed you

Summer is here….or at least it feels like it. Whites anyone? What is your favorite?
My favorites list change form time to time, and I was reminded of how much I like a particular white.

I was teaching a class today via Karmoxie Consulting – and used Grüner Veltliner as an example of media gone wrong.

Luckily it is really starting to surge and there are a lot of options in our state stores in Pennsylvania now.

Two years ago my husband and I met with winemakers in California who are now producing this Austrian/Czech area wine.

We have used it in our wine classes, and even those who dont take to whites have GUSHed over how much they liked it.
And not because they were tipsy – but because it has a lot going for it.

It is a very versatile white, can be dry or a touch sweet depending on who makes it, kind of similar to chardonnay, but a bit different fruit flavors, with a touch of spice, minimal soil gives it a minerality like Riesling….and did you know?

Many refer to it as the most versatile food wine in the world!

Anyway – let’s get Grüüvy, let’s drink some white, and let’s start talking a lot more about wine.
Like the warm weather that has returned to Pittsburgh….and my absence of blogging….it’s been too long.

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