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What are you doing New Year's…New Year's Eve…?

Well, this will be my most exciting New Year’s Eve yet.
I’m getting married on New Year’s Day, and am having a big party!
Time is running out, and now I wonder, what wines will I have on hand? Which sparkling wines will I choose?

Life has definitely been hectic lately, and even though
our ceremony is going to be completely non-traditional, I also am wondering what traditions will we start as a couple?

My question to you is, what traditions do you have for the holidays that involve wine?

And what wines do YOU plan on having for this New Year’s Eve?

I look forward to finding out YOUR Grape Thoughts as they relate to the holidays.

You can comment here, or submit via this form.

Please spread the word, I am trying to get different types of traditions here, the more the merrier!

I plan on writing an article next week with the submissions.

Form to share your traditions / plans for New Year’s Eve

Buying Wine Guide – Trust Your Instincts

A friend forwarded me a link to an NPR Marketplace article on buying wine, and how points ratings do not really matter. Some scientific evidence on things I have been trying to promote for years. That it doesnt matter what the experts say – its what YOU like.

NPR’s Marketplace talking about Wine Ratings, and studies to show they dont mean anything

A couple of points from the story:

– In blind tastings, expensive wines scored lower than expensive

– Only 1 in 10 expert wine tasters rated the same wine with the same points score

One reporters guide to buying wine…Choose the one with the most expensive label, but under $15.
Eh, maybe not the best advice, I have had some fancy labels where the wine sucked.

BUT…again…what really matters is what you think!


Please leave an account of what wines you like, inexpensive or not!