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February 28th is Open that Bottle Night!

The Wall Street Journal Weekend edition is home to a weekly wine article by husband and wife team Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher. In the year 2000 they started “Open That Bottle Night”.

This is the day that you take that bottle you have been saving for a special occasion and open it. Maybe you have been saving it for years, just waiting for just the right occasion. And waiting. And waiting. Wait no longer. Its a holiday just for us wine lovers, a reason to celebrate!

So, your special assignment is THIS:

Create the right setting for yourself. Invite friends over, or go it solo, plan a meal around your wine, or take it to your favorite BYO restaurant. You may want to have a backup, just in case it doesn’t satisfy your craving for a good vino.

Whatever you do, take notes. Does it live up to your expectations? Does it exceed them? Did it age well, was it corked?

However you plan to celebrate, please enjoy this special day, then stop back here to share your experience by leaving a comment.

We look forward to hearing your stories!